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Delivery & Receipt of Orders

  • Orders usually ship within 2 - 10 business days after payment has been processed unless otherwise noted in the item's listing. Due to occasional stock issues or custom-made merchandise, orders may potentially take 4-6 weeks to ship. There is NO GUARANTEE OF SHIPPING TIMES. If you have questions about the status of your order, check your customer area on our web site or contact us by phone or email.

  • We may request additional confirmation (such as for shipping address or custom-made equipment) that may delay order processing.

  • The buyer pays all costs relating to the shipment, including charges by the shipping company that were not paid during check out. These might include, but are not limited to: additional charges due to inaccurate information provided to COLDCORE INC relating to the delivery, charges due to failed delivery attempt(s) by the shipping company, etc.

  • Equipment is sold FOB manufacturers' dock at the facilities' location.

  • Ownership of the goods passes to the buyer at the shipping point. The seller accepts no responsibility for the item once it is shipped. The buyer agrees to perform his fiduciary duty to protect his property after it is shipped.

  • Any shipment that is refused or cannot be delivered and is returned by the carrier will be considered an unauthorized return and additional charges will result.

  • The buyer is responsible for inspecting the shipment during delivery by the shipping company for damages, both obvious and hidden. The buyer will accept the delivery and note on the delivery receipt any damages or concerns. Failure to notate any defects could result in a significant reduction in the carrier's liability during damage claims.

  • The buyer is responsible for filing any loss or damage claims in the manner and time frame directed by the carrier. Shipping companies do not allow third parties to file or get involved in a damage claim. COLDCORE INC. is a third party in the shipment of most of the items it sells. COLDCORE INC. will willingly assist the buyer with the filing and handling of the claims based on the buyer's needs and requests.

  • The buyer is responsible for any concerns, issues, or charges for these shipments and agrees to hold COLDCORE INC, its suppliers, and its vendors harmless.




  • Any concerns about NEW merchandise will be limited to what is covered in the particular manufacturer's warranty. The buyer should be aware that a commercial equipment warranty might be voided if the equipment is placed in a residential setting. The buyer will hold COLDCORE INC. harmless for all matters regarding the item, including, but not limited to, any matters regarding the manufacturer's performance per the warranty.

  • Merchandise must be assembled, installed, and adjusted by knowledgeable, licensed, authorized and experienced personnel. Improper installations may cause malfunction and may void any warranty.

  • COLDCORE INC does not warranty the materials purchased from our site. Please refer to the original warranty shipped from the manufacturers. COLDCORE INC. will on occasion work with the customer & manufacturer as a liaison to resolve warranty issues. COLDCORE is not responsible for warranty related reimbursement and or product loss.



Reporting of problems

  • The buyer must notify COLDCORE INC. of any refused shipments.

  • Problems or concerns must be reported within 15 days of receipt of the item.

  • Problems or concerns must be reported in writing to COLDCORE INC. This may be by posting a request in the buyer's message area on COLDCORE INC’s web site, by sending an email from the email address registered with the seller, or by certified mail.

  • Any reports of malfunction must include an inspection report from a knowledgeable, licensed, authorized, experienced technician detailing his findings regarding the issue.

  • The buyer agrees to cooperate with problem identification and correction efforts.

  • The buyer agrees to abide by COLDCORE INC’s decisions regarding problem resolution.



Return Policy

  • Return requests must be made within 15 days of receipt of the item.

  • Not all items will qualify for returns. Buyer's remorse is not grounds for a return. Approval of return requests is at the sole discretion of COLDCORE INC.

  • A standard restock fee of 25% will be applied to returns. This may be modified at the discretion of COLDCORE INC.

  • The buyer must reach a return agreement with COLDCORE INC. in writing and obtain Return Authorization prior to returning any items. There is no guarantee that a credit will be made for an unauthorized return.

  • Merchandise must be returned complete with original packaging, accessories and instructions, and wrapped securely to protect from damage in shipping.

  • Refused and returned goods will be inspected to assess condition and re-salability.



Refund Policy

  1. The buyer will be responsible for the following costs unless otherwise stated in writing by COLDCORE INC.
    1. Original packing and shipping costs

    2. Any accumulated storage fees from the carrier

    3. Return shipping costs

    4. Restocking fees

    5. Cancellation fees

    6. Repair charges for any damages incurred to product

    7. Charges disclosed as non-refundable

  2. If the seller agrees there is a misrepresentation, the seller will refund only the purchase price of the merchandise upon its return to the specified return address.

  3. COLDCORE INC. will deduct all applicable charges before issuing a refund.

  4. The buyer's account will be adjusted in the amount stated by COLDCORE INC. once all procedures have been followed.

  5. If the buyer fails to follow these terms and conditions, there will be no credit.

  6. The buyer must recognize that complexity of returns and cancellations may cause a refund to take up to two billing cycles (TWO MONTHS). COLDCORE INC’s customer service and accounting staff will work hard to complete the process as quickly as possible.