Dispensary Counters



When laying out your dispensary you will need to consider many different things. What types of display cases should we use? Do we need humidity-controlled display cases? You may or may not want full-size showcases. It depends entirely on your store conditions, the types of products you are offering and naturally your budget. You may want to stay basic and go with non-refrigerated counters / millwork. Or you may want to do both, full size showcases as well as counters / millwork! 


No matter what your needs are Coldcore Inc. / Marijuana Display has the ability to accommodate you. Our dispensary counters can be basic as to not absorb to much of your start up budget. We can also get as custom as you would like to help create a signature look that is unique to your dispensary!


The dispensary counters we supply do comply with ADA requirements (American Disabilities Act) as well as all other local & national health codes / ETL & NSF.  

To get started and obtain a quote please contact one of our professionals today! 

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